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November | December 2014
Altenbeken… the greatest Z show on earth
The JR Shinkansen 500 comes to Z
Herron’s Bronx Terminal
Marklin’s fall new items
Rokuhan’s LED lighting system
Building Showcase Miniatures ballast spreader
AZL releases PFE reefer sets
IC & LN heavy weights released
Tip - pre-drill when using track nails
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Ztrack Resale

Ztrack Resale
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January | February 2015
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Ernie Chudzik… A Z scaler remembered
Midsummer on the TROLL
New body style - ACF 2-bay hoppers
New body style - 70-ton 3-bay hoppers
How-to: installing plows on AZL’s SD7
KW tractors available from Showcase
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January 8, 2015

From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine:

The Curse Of The Cover

Well, it only took eight years.... In this issue, you are going to see an announcement for an American Z Line ATSF GP7. It is officially being released for October. So what is the deal with eight years? Well let’s go back to the November/December 2006 issue of Ztrack. During that period, American Z Line announced the release of SD75is and GP7s. As this was huge news at the time, I elected to prominently feature these items on the cover of Ztrack. The SD75is would be released. But guess what locomotive did not arrived from the manufacturer? Yes, it was the ATSF GP7. And trust me, we have heard about it quite frequently over the past eight years. True, other GP7s were released such as the UP and PRR, but not the ATSF.

Over the years, we have featured other products which were delayed. More typically, these have been new Märklin items which can have a long lead time. But the ATSF...

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