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Canadian Pacific Rosebery, B.C. Concept Layout, A little Z scale history with Jeff Merrill, Smith’s Märklin Mikado Retrofit build, MTL set benefits Toy for Tots, New run of wide-vision cabooses, Rokuhan’s two new shorty versions, Märklin summer new items and so much more!

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July / August 2023 Print

July / August 2023 Print

July / August 2023 Volume 29 #4 | Print IssueIn this issueCanadian Pacific Rosebery, B.C. Concept La..


July / August 2023 Digital

July / August 2023 Digital

July / August 2023 Volume 29 #4 | Digital IssueIn this issueCanadian Pacific Rosebery, B.C. Concept ..


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In the heat of July Ztrack is busy with a fan, a glass of lemonade and the desire to get the remaining issues of Ztrack digitized!

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Trackside Perspective | From The July / August 2023 Issue

Twenty Years Now, Where'd They Go?

“Twenty years, I don’t know. I sit and wonder sometimes where they’ve gone”. Bob Segar sang these lyrics is his 1986 song, “Like A Rock”. How true it is. A few weeks ago, I received an order for a digital back issue of Ztrack from 2003.I realized that I would need to restore all the back issues from that year. This sent me on a journey of reflection.

As I worked through each of the six editions, the memories came back. The year 2003 was Ztrack’s fifteenth anniversary. This would play prominently with us that year, as we released a special two-car set from Märklin to commemorate fifteen years. It’s crazy to think this is year thirty-five.

We would also go on to feature amazing layouts from Kurt Lueck, Mario Diagle and Lars Ringvist. AZL was releasing their brass F45s and a sneak peak of their Southern Pacific brass GS4s was shown. The Newzline sections were typically  one page each issue, and all Micro-Trains items. Märklin offered a wide range of Z products for the year,  including a large SP freight starter set, PRR EMD F7s, PRR coal hoppers, as well as ATSF EMD F7s and streamliner passenger cars.

I personally was able to reflect on my trip to Germany in 2003 as part of the Märklin club. Those days were filled with excitement to be surrounded by amazing layouts in what was the mecca for Z scale at the time.

As I write this, I am sitting at the same desk as I did twenty years ago. I think back to many friends from that year who are no longer with us. Bob would write “Like a rock, I see myself again”. I still see myself as I was twenty years ago, and can’t help but wonder what the next twenty will bring.

Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor

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