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Ztrack Resale

Ztrack Resale

May 7, 2015

From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine:

A Personal Milestone...

In June of this year, I will be celebrating a personal milestone. I will officially have been a Z scaler for thirty years... So let’s put this into perspective. As you look through this new issue, you are going to see one amazing and very large Z scale layout. Balancing this layout article, we have numerous new item announcements from Märklin, AZL, Micro-Trains, Full Throttle, Showcase Miniatures MCZ and others.

In 1985, Märklin was the leader in Z. They had just released their first US models that year. Kadee (the predecessor to MTL). had completed their takeover of the Nelson Gray molds and started releasing their line of Z scale products. If you wanted a US locomotive, then you had your choice of Märklin’s F7 or Kadee’s F7. That was it... and it was a wonderful time. Seriously, it was.
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