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November 10, 2015

From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine:

Z Scalers Giving Back

Saturday night at the National Train Show is always a special time for Z Scalers. It is the traditional night that all Zedheads gather for a meal and celebrate our community. This year was no different. A crowd of over 40 met at the Widmer Brewery for tasty samplings and a tostada bar. A raffle was organized to help offset the costs and the amount of prizes was impressive to say the least.

As the raffle wound down, my dear friend, Terry Sutfin, rose to make an announcement. As more money was collected then needed to offset the cost, all of the extra proceeds would be given to the Bill Kronenberger Grant for Z scale Promotions. I was absolutely shocked. The Z community on the West Coast raised $540.00 for the grant. What an incredible gift.

The Bill Kronenberger Grant was created in 2011 to provide funds to clubs and individuals who work to promote the scale. It is a way to help offset an individual’s costs and say thank you for going above and beyond to share Z scale. Since the conception, thousands of dollars have been granted to clubs and individuals across the United States.

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