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Tunnel Motors Arrive on the Truckee, Märklin’s 2024 New Item Lineup, Take control; Z scale controllers, New SD70ACe & ES44AC run from AZL. Replacing Märklin switches with Atlas, Main Street of Wullerton and so much more!

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March / April 2024 Digital

March / April 2024 Digital

March / April 2024 Volume 30 #2 | Digital IssueIn this issueTunnel Motors Arrive on the Truckee, Mär..


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March / April 2024 Print

March / April 2024 Volume 30 #2 | Print IssueIn this issueTunnel Motors Arrive on the Truckee, Märkl..


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Trackside Perspective | From The March / April 2024 Issue

Collecting, it might be time…

In the past month, I have been deeply involved adding a large collection of Märklin special imprint cars to Ztrack Resale. Years ago, collecting special imprint cars was all the rage. Koll’s even printed a bound book on the subject in 1997. There were attempts to start a collector market in the United States like they have in N scale, but it never really took hold. Can you imagine conventions every year for just Z scale collectors? Crazy to think, but that is what they have in N scale.

So why am I bringing this up now? Blame American Z Line. Looking at their simply incredible SD40-2 release has me thinking. The detail packages for each locomotive road name vary greatly. In some cases, like the CSX SD40-2, there are differences even between the individual locomotives. I started thinking how amazing it would be to have a sample of each locomotive in a showcase where you can really appreciate all the variety and detail packages.

This harkens back to my days as a Matchbox car fan. When I was young, I belonged to the Matchbox club. I would get a catalog a few times a year which I poured over. I studied each car and their details. I would then compare these  to the ones I was fortunate enough to own. While I didn’t collect these, (I mean, I was a kid and the play value was more important to me) the potential still stuck with me.

This isn’t much different from looking in Ztrack and noting all the releases from AZL, Micro-Trains and Full Throttle. Many of these releases are highly limited with low production numbers. Maybe it is time to rethink the whole ‘collector’ aspect of Z scale. Collecting is a great way to appreciate all the details and effort AZL and others have put into their releases. Hmmm, it may be time to get more showcases

Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor

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