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Strandgatan, Upgrading Märklin’s 0-6-0, Rokuhan’s Shinkasen Shorty sets, Postal vans available from Showcase, Märklin Autumn 2021 new items, Converting SW1500 to MTL couplers   
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November / December 2021 Digital

November / December 2021 Volume 27 #6 | Digital IssueIn this issueStrandgatan, Upgrading Märklin’s 0..


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November / December 2021 Print

November / December 2021 Volume 27 #6 | Print IssueIn this issueStrandgatan, Upgrading Märklin’s 0-6..


Trackside Perspective, January 9, 2022
SIx Feet of Fun...

Imagine a Z scale train 6' in length. For some, that is easy if you are currently running trains that long. But for others, that may seem crazy. The fact is, this is becoming more common and even the norm. As I type this, AZL has just released their ATSF El Capitan passenger sets. If you want to run a prototypical train with an A-B-B-A EMD F7 set plus thirteen cars, then you need to account for a train 6' in length. That equates to a prototypical train that is 1,320' long. Impressive right?

This is what makes Z scale special. You can run this train on a simple loop that is between 3' and 4' in length. Of course the longer the straight aways, the better, but that point is that you don’t need large layout to represent this train.

Now lets compare this to HO and N scale. In HO scale the same train would be 15' 2". A circle that is at least 8' length is required. In N scale, the train would be 8' 3". So a loop between 4' and 5' would be adequate.

My point here is that one of the foundations of Z scale is the ability to model and operate prototypical length trains that are not compressed on layouts that do not require a whole room or basement. This is one of the benefits of our scale.

What if you have a dedicated room or basement to model Z scale? Now that is fascinating to think about. Modelling a passenger station with platforms that exceed 1,200 scale feet is plausible and would only take up a small portion of a large layout. How much fun would it be to see classic trains such as the El Capitan or the Super Chief pulling into a modelled Union Station? Just something to think about... and achievable in just 6'.

Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor
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