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Gruebele’s T-Trak-Z European City Module, New Yard Tower Kits!, Building an AZL sound car, MCZ offers SAIA trailers, Steam starter set from Rokuhan, Q&A with All Scale Miniatures, Quick and easy scenery refresh, AZL’s NYC 20th Century Limited, Showcase’s 50s Truck Kits and so much more!

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May / June 2022 Digital

May / June 2022 Digital

May / 2022 Volume 28 #3 | Digital IssueIn this issueGruebele’s T-Trak-Z European City Module, New Ya..


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May / June 2022 Print

May / June 2022 Volume 28 #3 | Print IssueIn this issueGruebele’s T-Trak-Z European City Module, New..


Trackside Perspective, June, 2022

Field work... The Z scale way

With camera and tape measure in hand, I headed northwest out of Dublin. I was on a quest. The destination was Dunkirk, Ohio (and maybe a few micro-breweries around Toledo). Since 2019, I have been thinking about a tower that I saw standing at the crossing of two rail lines. Today was the day I was going to gather more photographs and measurements of the tower.

This field work would develop into the tower kit from Archistories that is featured in this issue as well as a T-Trak-Z module that we will be featuring later this year.

Getting into the field to research a specific place or area can provide inspiration to take a scene to the next level. It provides insight into more than just a building and rail siding but the area itself. What is in the weeds, rusting away along the right-of-way? It is those modeled surprises that will bring a scene to all new levels of detail and reality. For me, it was finding a 40' container used for storage, and old crossbucks discarded along the side of the container. It was the remnants of years past in the work yard: rusting metal from signal towers, old wood electric poles, ballast piles, and decaying ties. All of these details would be incorporated into my module.

Take photos to capture your finds. Even if you don’t plan to incorporate what you find into a current build, these photos may be inspiration for your next scene or layout. I have done just that and have a few scenes based on these photos to incorporate into future projects.

When done, you may see a great memory of your field work and exploration come to life as all those little details you put in place, take the scene to the next level.

Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor
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