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Ztrack Resale
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September 10, 2015

From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine:

The Little Shelf...

Sitting above my desk is a little shelf. This shelf holds what I call my ‘monthly inspirations’. Every month, the three key US manufacturers release new products. I put samples of their offerings on the shelf. So on any given day, you will find AZL, Full Throttle and Micro-Trains new items sitting there, looking down on me.

When I work on the magazine or field a Z scaler’s question, I have these cars at my disposal. Just a glance up at this ever changing shelf helps me to keep what is happening in our scale today in perspective. I have been doing this display for as long as I can remember. The first release of the MTL GP35s sat here.

A number of AZL preproduction samples have graced the plank. Of course, there are a few of my personal favorites that made it well past the one month mark. These include the Ztrack Exclusive Full Throttle P&LE sets.

As I type this, I have samples of MTL’s ‘Baby Ruth’ reefers, MTL’s “The Creation of Adam” weathered set, an AZL B&O F3 set, AZL’s coil cars, Full Throttle’s ‘Ford’ collectors set, just to name a few, displayed.

Not to be outdone, I do have a special place for...
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