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Union Stations, A home for your passenger trains
NSC 42’ coil cars come to
Bob Mann’s city layout
N to Z, a station’s tale
Building a station display diorama
Shims improve AZL GP38 performance
Luetke releases fitness center
How to install Shinkansen lighting
MTL’s new runner packs
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Ztrack Resale

Ztrack Resale
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July | August 2015
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US Z Line Europe second module meetin
AZL Releases F3 locomotives
Somewhere near the Alps
Archistories arrives in North AmericaModifying Rix's HO uncoupler for Z
Showcase offering Lo-Boy trailer
Animek's Z street car
Märklin's summer new items
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July 5, 2015

From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine:

The Talented Two...

IAs you may have ascertained, this issue of Ztrack is a theme issue with a focus on union stations. When I came up with the concept, I knew I had to utilize the talents of two of the most talented men I know.

First, I reached out to John Cubbin. John and I talked in length about the concept and how to create the track plans. John is a sounding board for me and is the one I trust to bring my crazy visions to a whole new level. What was an idea of a single track plan, soon turned into two track plans that give Z scalers options for running, switching and showcasing the passenger trains. More importantly, each captures the feel and purpose of the union stations.

Finding an appropriate station was my next challenge. I found an N scale kit I liked and thought it could work if cut down. I knew Bob Mitchell was the man to do this...
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