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Ztrack Resale
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September 5, 2014

From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine:

Excuse me, but your trains are too big...

Well that is something you don’t hear every day in Z scale. But at the National Train Show in Cleveland, we heard this a few times. No, these were not die-hard T gauge (1:450) enthusiasts mocking us Z scalers. Actually, this was a number of N scalers who thought our trains were out of scale! Let me explain.

See, we are very fortunate in Z scale that we don’t have compression when it comes to our trains. In the other scales, cars and locomotives are often compressed in order for the trains to reliably negotiate curves and turnouts. At times, 89' passenger cars may be closer to 60' in the larger scales. Sometimes even smaller!

For someone who is used to seeing compressed locomotives and rolling stock, a true scaled piece of rolling stock can come as a shock...

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