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Swiger’s K&M Sub, AZL 4180 AIRSLIDES!, Real Z-Ballast - Real Z-Cool, Finishing a TS Reach Stacker, Showcase Miniatures Z Mac R Tractor, NOCH’s 2024 New Items, ScaleTraxx, 70-Ton Ore Jennies, Rokuhan Adds Two KIHA58 sets and so much more!

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May / June 2024 Digital

May / June 2024 Digital

May / 2024 Volume 30 #2 | Digital IssueIn this issueSwiger’s K&M Sub, AZL 4180 AIRSLIDES!, Real ..


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May / June 2024 Print

May / 2024 Volume 30 #2 | Print IssueIn this issueSwiger’s K&M Sub, AZL 4180 AIRSLIDES!, Real Z-..


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Trackside Perspective | From The May / June 2024 Issue

A Birthday Weekend To Remember…

The California Zephyr’s Silver Bronco vista dome car slowly pulled into the station ready for the next group of passengers to embark. As this car has done since 1948, passengers excitedly boarded anticipating the trip ahead. But it was quite different this time around. This wasn’t the 1950s when the Zephyr was the silver icon of the age. The locomotives pulling it weren’t from the CB&Q, D&RGW or Western Pacific. The rail wasn’t running west into the rugged western landscape. No, this was Ohio in 2024. Quite the departure for this car who proudly remains in service offering panoramic views of the Cuyahoga Valley.

I have been fortunate enough to railfan and ride trains across the US and Europe. From the Tehachapi to the Gotthard, I have seen amazing trains in action. What I have lacked is visiting my own backyard and the wonderful experiences here. One of which is the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad that offers an excursion through the Cuyahoga National Forest. This line is the proud owner of four original California Zephyr cars including the Silver Bronco. I have talked for years about taking a trip on this line. May 4th of this year would be the day.

My wife, Jenni, surprised me with a day trip she had planned for my birthday. All I knew was that we were heading to Cleveland to visit our good friends. Next thing I knew, we were arrived in Peninsula, OH, had lunch and prepared to board the Silver Bronco.

What an experience to step back in time and ride a car that I have in my collection thanks to AZL. Enjoying a few local train themed craft beers, we went on a two-hour journey with a conductor that happily shared stories of the valley and the trains. What an amazing birthday gift and one I will always cherish.

Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor

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