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Ztrack Magazine September / October 2022

September / October 2022 Volume 28 #5, Get This Issue Now!

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Sinn’s Southern River Crossing, Robert Ray, testing the limits, Creating a figure 8 test track, Digitrax DZ126Z1 for AZL’s PAs, Build a highway bridge, MAXI-IV Sets Released, Newsline and so much more!

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September / October 2022 Digital

September / October 2022 Digital

September / October 2022 Volume 28 #5 | Digital IssueIn this issueSinn’s Southern River Crossing, Ro..


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September / October 2022 Print

September / October 2022 Volume 28 #5 | Print IssueIn this issueSinn’s Southern River Crossing, Robe..


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Trackside Perspective | October, 2022

Cat 1, Catenary 0...

A twisted strip of blackened metal sits at the bottom of the water dish. The appearance reminds me of those images after a hurricane or tornado hits an area. The twists and bends are unnatural. I pull the carnage out of the water only to discover a familiar piece of my layout. It is a section of overhead catenary from the basement layout. Rushing downstairs, I find that the catenary is intact but one of the loose pieces is missing. Okay, I think, all is good.

Days later, walking through the dining room, I am suddenly aware of a sharp pain in my foot. Looking down, another twisted strand of metal is laying there. This time, a proud tabby named Charlie is looking at me with a glint of evil is his eye. This piece was from a section of catenary that I find pulled up from the layout. Fortunately, the complicated wiring over the yards is still intact. I clean up the uprooted catenary, look for the cat to scold (who is nowhere to be found now) and move on.

And you know where this is going... more pain, submerged metal, evil cat glares and a slow degradation of the overhead wiring the cumulates into the complete yard section somehow on the floor... but still mostly intact.

So now the catenary is off of the layout. It has been stored safely in a drawer. I am not too upset since we are looking to move and I would have to remove the catenary anyway. But what kind of cat thinks metal strands with sharp edges is a fun toy? Problem solved, toys removed and all is good. No more catenary for the kitty.

“Charlie, Why is there a turnout sitting in the bottom of the water bowl?” Ugh...

Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor
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