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Z Gauge Salutes HO Model Railroad Pioneer, AZL’s ALCO PA1s Are Now Here!, Märklin 2022 New Items, An interview with Carlos Pinto, AZL SW1500 decoder installation, Z.Scale.Hobo’s loco service facility, AZL’s Burlington Zephyr cars, DCC board reference image and so much more!

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March / April 2022 Digital

March / April 2022 Digital

March / April 2022 Volume 28 #2 | Digital IssueIn this issueZ Gauge Salutes HO Model Railroad Pionee..


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March / April 2022 Print

March / April 2022 Volume 28 #2 | Print IssueIn this issueZ Gauge Salutes HO Model Railroad Pioneer,..


Trackside Perspective, February, 2022

In all the years of writing this column and publishing this magazine, I have always avoided politics and world events. Our hobby is what brings us joy and happiness regardless of what is happening in the world around us. Sadly in the past few months, our favorite letter ‘Z’ has been used in a manor that is far from a designator for peace and harmony.

I have watched the letter ‘Z’ appear in images and videos that are truly shocking to watch. I could never imagine in my life that something as simple as a letter could be used in such nefarious ways. At the same time, I know of members of our international close-knit Z community who have truly been displaced by these events. Leaving their homes, and hobbies behind, fellow enthusiasts have fled to neighboring countries, not knowing if they will return.

Putting on my favorite cap that is emblazoned with the letter ‘Z’, I had to pause. Would those viewing me get the wrong impression? Would those around me think that I am wearing this hat to support actions that I could never imagine happening? I am troubled that I even have to consider this.

I did put on the hat. And I decided, that in my own way, I would keep ‘Z’ a positive and an uplifting symbol. It is just a letter, but one that defines who we are as model train community. This year, Z scale celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Märklin creating the scale. This should be a joyous time for us. A reflective time of what the last fifty years have brought, and what the next fifty will bring. I only can hope and pray that world events normalize and we can get back to the letter Z being a designator for our wonderful hobby.

Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor
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