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Gouette’s Western Layout, Basher & Sons Z kit line, Converting Burton Station, Märklin 2021 new summer items, AZL releases “Golden State” sets, Z-Doktor creates church interiors, Rokuhan to offer new SHORTYs, MTL pre-orders and so much more!

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July / August 2021 Digital

July / August 2021 Volume 27 #4 | Digital IssueIn this issueGouette’s Western Layout, Basher & S..


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July / August 2021 Print

July / August 2021 Volume 27 #4 | Print IssueIn this issueGouette’s Western Layout, Basher & Son..


Trackside Perspective, September 12, 2021
Funny how you can go back to a moment...

With the summer slow-down finally here, I have taken the opportunity to catch up on collections that have come in for Ztrack Resale. One collection in particular really gave me a pause. It was a friend of mine, Sam Berliner III, who passed away this year. He was one of the early “Zed Headz” as we so affectionately called each other back then.

When I opened the boxes, I was immediately taken back. There was a presence in the boxes that reminded me of my grandparents' basement. I can’t explain it, it isn’t a smell I have noticed anywhere else. I was soon brought back to my grandmother doing her copper enameling (she was internationally know for her work) and going through my grandfather’s architectural drawings. One of his drawings is framed in my office and I treasure it very much.

Besides the thoughts of my grandparents, I was also reminded of those early days of Z scale. Barely one hundred of us back then kept the scale alive. Email was barely a thing, so receiving a letter was the norm. Sam III (you never left off the III) was one of those folks who would be sure to point out every typo, misspelling, and grammar error that he found in Ztrack. (Yes, this is something that used to keep him very busy). While it would seem easy to be upset, instead I found a man with a deep passion and enthusiasm for the scale.

Sam III was a consummate tinkerer. His collection was like going through the mind of genius, who didn’t quite get around to finishing everything he started. I did enjoy our years together in the hobby. Sam III’s greatest gift though is the memories brought back of my grandparents and those early days of Z when dreams were born and friendships were founded.

Robert Kluz
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