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Ztrack’s T-Trak-Z Corner Module Build, American Z Line’s EMD E7s, Track planning 101: Take it slow!, Rokuhan turnout power options, DB Era III concept track plan, Faller’s Oberneuland Mill, Rokuhan Shorty Kiha 58 sets and so much more!

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May / June 2021 Digital

May / June 2021 Digital

May / June 2021 Volume 27 #3 | Digital IssueIn this issueZtrack’s T-Trak-Z Corner Module Build, Amer..


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May / June 2021 Print

May / June 2021 Volume 27 #3 | Print IssueIn this issueZtrack’s T-Trak-Z Corner Module Build, Americ..


Trackside Perspective, July 13, 2021
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In Ohio, we often hear the phrase, “Summer is here, but you wouldn’t know it”. Well for us in the Ztrack office, we aren’t talking about the weather.  We are talking about our scale. As I write this, we have moved into June. Summer is here, the weather has broken, pools have opened, flowers are blooming and typically model railroaders climb out of the basement and head outdoors.

This year is quite different. The March into April slowdown in business did not happen. As we moved from May into June, we are still seeing Z scalers playing with their train in record numbers. The Ztrack office is cranking with record breaking shipments coming from our partners: American Z Line, Rokuhan, Archistories and others.

Ann, our quality control expert, is burning long hours watching locomotives go in circles. The sound of tape guns have drowned out the sounds of summer. We are now getting evil looks from our USPS, FedEx and DHL drivers who are constantly picking up packages.

This is an unprecedented time in Z scale. We are so excited to watch the scale evolve and become a year round hobby. Trust me when I say there are no complaints here. I only ask for some patience this summer. Orders may take a little longer to get to our dealers and customers. It is summer and vacations are planned as well as time out of the office. No matter how much I love Z scale, I am still all about a good craft beer and reading a book with my feet in the sand.

With that, have a great summer! For our subscribers, we have included a special summer activity with this issue of Ztrack. Enjoy!

Robert Kluz
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